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Brand New Medical Study

πŸ“’ We are looking for healthy volunteers to take part in paid clinical research

πŸ’‘ Get paid for volunteering your time

πŸ’‘ Chill out at a local clinic with free meals and unlimited access to things like Wi-Fi and Netflix

πŸ’‘ Help advance medical science

πŸ“ Registration Form

πŸ₯ Study Guide

Who can take part in this study?

In order to be eligible to participate in the study, you must meet all of the following:

  • You are aged 18 to 55
  • You are able to do overnight stays at a local clinic
  • You are in good general health, with no significant medical conditions

How long will the study take?

If you agree to take part, and the study is suitable for you, your participation in the study is expected to last up to 43 days. This includes:

  • An initial screening visit at the study clinic
  • An overnight stay at the clinic for a total of 3 consecutive nights
  • A follow up visit after your stay

Eligible participants will be reimbursed up to $1,740 for their time.

Where is my nearest study site?

Here is a map of all of the sites who are currently recruiting for this study:

What if I have other questions about the study?

We are here for you! Click or tap this button to send an email to our Patient Experience team:


How do I get started with volunteering for clinical research?

We have a simple 5-step process for helping volunteers to participate in trials:

  1. Apply online for free, using the form on this page
  2. Fill out a short questionnaire so we can see if the trial is suitable for you
  3. If we think you may be eligible, we will invite you to book a phone screening appointment with one of our Patient Experience team.
  4. If we still think this trial is the right fit for you, you'll then be referred to the study site.
  5. The study site will provide you with a Participant Information and Consent Form, which contains detailed information about the study. Once you have understood more about the study and you would like to proceed, the study site will arrange your first screening visit.


Are clinical trials safe?

The participant's wellbeing is always the #1 priority of the study, clinical studies must take all the needed measures to make sure participants are safe at all times. Some measures include:

βœ… Before trials can even begin, new drugs and therapies have to go through years of testing, before they are used in clinical trials on humans

βœ… Every trial has to be approval by an independent ethics committee registered with the Australian Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

βœ… Every trial must follow regulations and guidelines set out by Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

βœ… Every volunteer is assessed by a qualified doctor and goes through extensive medical examinations

πŸ“ Registration Form